The amaranth is a pseudocereal, but because it does not comply with the characteristics of what a cereal itself is. In fact, it provides many more proteins, besides iron, vitamin C, fibers, carbohydrates, calcium and magnesium, among others.

Amaranth seeds

  • -Is one of the most important sources of protein, as it outperforms most cereals.

    - Is a source of natural minerals and vitamins: A, B, C, B1, B2, B3.

    - Is a source of folic acid, so necessary in pregnant women.

    - Is a source of niacin, calcium, iron and phosphorus.

    - Contains amino acids such as lysine. Among the medicinal effects, they are attributed:

    - Control of diarrhea.

    - Prevention of colon cancer.

    - Prevents and helps in the control of osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus, obesity, hypertension, constipation and diverticulosis, chronic renal failure, liver failure, hepatic encephalopathy, celiac disease and is recommended in the diet for people with autism.

    - It is also recommended for patients with buccodentomaxillary, geriatric, malnutrition and oncological problems.

    - It is recommended as part of the hyper-energetic and hyperproteic diets and in the cholesterol-lowering diets.

    - Due to its energy content, it is also beneficial for patients with high caloric requirements.


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