The power of its antioxidants is associated with a protective action in the prevention and development of different pathologies due to oxidative stress, such as; cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, liver, gastric, colon, and diabetes. Relieves stress thanks to theobromine, which stimulates the central nervous system, is softer than caffeine, and its effect is longer.

Cacao nibs

  • Cocoa is in the list of foods with the highest antioxidant content, almost similar to green tea and red wine.

    -Contains 50% fat in the form of lard, between 11 and 12% of proteins, 7 and 8% of starch, and the rest is constituted by water, fiber, essential organic acids and in smaller quantities has sugar, theobromine, caffeine, and 300 more substances.

    -The highest magnesium content is found mainly in its raw form.


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