The matcha has, above all, antioxidant properties, surpassing any other fruit that we can name. In addition to this, it helps fight against cancer, diabetes and cholesterol. Reduces fat, strengthens the immune system, protects against diseases of the flu, protects the intestinal flora, detoxifies the body and helps reduce fat.


  • -Antioxidant. In this category the matcha is crowned as the most powerful. Exceeding by far all the berries, it contains up to twenty times more antioxidants than other fruits. The benefits? Help against aging as well as being a powerful protector against diseases.

    -It gives you energy and calmness. Used in Japan to generate relaxation and help meditation but without inducing sleep, the matcha generates a state of alertness but calmness thanks to the type of caffeine it contains: theanine. This powerful green powder will give you energy that can last up to six hours without generating the "slump" that causes coffee.

    -Force in the immune system. Thanks to its powerful components, minerals and vitamins, it protects the body and gives strength against different pathogens. It also helps maintain cholesterol levels, improve intestinal flora, and thanks to its component that matcha contains more than any other tea, EGCG (a catechin and antioxidant), helps against cancer, arthritis and improves memory.

    -Detoxifies and helps the digestive system. Matcha is also recognized for its cleansing powers of the body, in addition to containing chlorophyll that help cleanse the blood and helps your body to get rid of toxins. Containing also niacin, it is used for certain gastrointestinal disorders, helping to discard chemicals and improve digestion.


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